Ready For Takeoff

Getting to and from Sea-Tac International Airport is a breeze with the use of Sound Transit Link Light Rail. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to and from Sea-Tac Airport from downtown Seattle.

Traveling to sea-tac airport

The closest Link Light Rail Station from South Lake Union is Westlake Station in downtown Seattle. Westlake station is a quick 15 minute walk along Westlake Avenue from central South Lake Union. Hop on the streetcar to make the trip even easier. Westlake light rail station is only a 3 minute walk from the last Seattle Streetcar stop in McGraw Square. Arrive at Sea-Tac Airport light rail stop in approximately 45 minutes from Westlake station.


from sea-tac airport to slu

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Upon your arrival at Sea-Tac airport, follow signs to Link Light Rail. The light rail stop is a short walk from baggage claim. Boarding on Light Rail is easy with a tap of your ORCA card or purchasing a one way fare or ORCA card from rail fare stations located within the Sea-Tac station. Travel approximately 45 minutes on light rail to Westlake Station located in downtown Seattle. Westlake station is a quick 15 minute walk to central South Lake Union. The Seattle Streetcar is another viable option to easily get through South Lake Union from the light rail.