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Are you an employer in South Lake Union? Seattle’s nonprofit transportation management agency, Commute Seattle, is here to serve you. Working with Commute Seattle on transportation programming for your building or business can help you:

  • Attract and keep great talent

  • Boost employee/tenant satisfaction

  • Efficiently utilize limited space

  • Meet green targets such as reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Meet Commute Trip Reduction or Transportation Management Program obligations

  • Better connect your employees and customers to SLU’s many transportation options

ORca transit pass

ORCA transit passes can be provided by employers as a benefit to employees. In collaboration with King County Metro, Commute Seattle provides businesses with free ORCA consultations that explain the different ways to implement this program.

For a limited time small businesses (less than 100 employees) can try ORCA for Business programs at a lower cost now. For businesses who choose to subsidize their employees transit pass through an ORCA Business program for the first time, WSDOT will provide a 50% rebate on the employers contribution amount up to $10,000. There are two ORCA Business program you can choose from, ORCA Choice and ORCA Passport.

orca business passport

The annual all-inclusive benefit that provides employees unlimited access to six transit agency services across four counties at less than half the retail cost.

orca business choice

Allows employers to subsidize any portion of a monthly retail pass for the transit riding employees.

Seattle leads the nation in commuter benefits. Stay competitive and attract the best candidates by offering transportation subsidies through ORCA business programs, pre-tax options, and locating in buildings with access to bike lanes and transit routes. Schedule a free consultation with one of Commute Seattle’s specialists today!