The Ideal Place to Be

Are you a building manager or own a property in South Lake Union? Commute Seattle in partnership with the City of Seattle work with buildings to implement strategies that promote transit, walking, carpooling and bicycling.

Does your building have a Transportation Management Program?

Many South Lake Union buildings have a TMP. A Transportation Management Program (TMP) is a Master Use Permit requirement on private development to mitigate traffic congestion and parking impacts by single-occupant vehicle trips.

Transportation Management Programs generally include:

  1. A single occupant vehicle commute rate goal

  2. Required program elements that are designed to help the building acheive the single occupant vehicle goal.

Some TMP’s have unique or parking-based goals that were established with their permit approval. Commute Seattle works with the City of Seattle to monitor Transportation Management Programs implemented by property managers throughout the city. Learn more about Transportation Management Programs.